Our Customers


We cater to customers in various medical and scientific domains as we are able to fulfill their equipment needs in a variety of applications. 
Our medical products department covers the equipment needs of customers in hospitals, specialized institutes, clinics, geriatrics, home care, etc. 
Our scientific products department covers the equipment needs of customers in schools, universities, research institutes and organizations, quality control as well as research and development for various industries such as chemical, petrol, polymer, environment, pharmaceutical, …etc. 
We also cover the needs of the veterinary institutions as we supply needed equipment for veterinary hospitals as well as research centers and institutes. 


Our Capabilities

Our staff is professional in handling the needs of our business customers including turnkey projects, shipment consolidations and grouping, preparations of quotations and offers in a timely manner, and all types of business assistance. Certain translations of key documents or specifications for quotations are not necessary when communicating with us as our multilingual staff is able to assist our customers in several languages, either spoken or written, including French, English, Spanish and Arabic! 



Our promise

Customer satisfaction is our goal as we offer quality equipment. Our product range is covered by an extensive warranty promise that matches or exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty.



Our coordinates

Les Entreprises IDEA Canada Inc.
1155 Boulevard René Levesque West
Suite 2500
Montréal, Québec H3B 2K4

Tel : +(514) 448-4763
Fax : +(514) 624-5478
e-mail: info@ideacanada.com